1.Do I have to book the parking place in advance ?
Not necessarily, but prior notifications pre e-mail,
fax or phone are desirable.

2. What should I do when I reach Opatija ?
in the very center of Opatija (Slatina) which can be found easily, there is a bus station for  city and tourist buses. Any  employee
in a uniform wirth a «P» sign can show you the dispatch center.

3. Where can I park my bus, can I choose the location ?
Your bus will be assigned to one of our three above mentioned locations, depending on the time of your staying in Opatija, your hotel location and the number of free parking places. You can
not choose the location, but you can express your preferences when you contact us, and it will be taken into account if possible.

4. Are the buses guarded by night, are they insured ?

The buses are guarded, but not insured, because it would
mean much higher parking fees; the fee includes only the
parking itself.